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Taking my own advice
Inside Atacama

"The place has an ancient feel, a sense of the ground being somehow sacred. Vast and humbling.” Read Her Quiet Materials May 2019 blog to find out how textile artist Claire Benn draws on the landscape of the Atacama desert as inspiration for her work.

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Marking Time

"I’m aware that growing older can cause anxiety, as time seems to be running out, but imagining time as spiral is rather comforting as it contains all of the events, experiences, learning and wisdom that has made us so far. We are at the very centre of it, pulling it ever upwards but never losing all that has gone before. In fact, all that has gone before spreads out and sits beneath us as a solid foundation.” Read Claire’s fascinating musings on the experience of Time and the impact this has on her work.

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As if to Nothing - into the Arctic

“This cold wilderness offers so much; the silence of the snow, the cleanness and crispness of the air, the monochromatic, pure vistas, the textural details and the light.” Read Claire Benn’s accounts of her travels within the Arctic Circle and the influence of this magical region on her work…

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Hung, Drawn but not Tortured

The story of the artistic practices of binding, wrapping and hanging thread, cloth or fibre; to celebrate the 'Summer of Christo and Jeanne Claude’ in London this year.

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Following a Thread | A Brief Journey through Time & Textiles

In 2016 the first sewing needle was discovered in Siberia’s Denisova Cave. Measuring around 7cm (3”) long, made of bird bone and with an eye for stringing thread, it’s thought to be at least 50,000 years old. Claire Benn's feature traces the origins of the art of textiles and asks us to consider what it is all about.

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