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Woven Stories - Four Contemporary Weavers

Weaving (including tapestry weaving) is one of the earliest textile techniques. The fibre used would historically include silk, cotton, wool, linen, hemp or rags although today’s weavers also use and recycle materials such as plastic and wire. Whatever the yarn being used, they’re laced together on a loom to form cloth. Read about four extraordinary artists using weaving in their work today:  Marcel Marois, Fiona Rutherford, Jo Barker and Ptolemy Mann.

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Material Momentum - Keeping Art Textiles Alive

Olga de Amaral, Judy Chicago, Sheila Hicks and  Lucienne Day: Four giants who have kept the art textiles momentum going since the 1950s and the days of the early pioneers.  Read artist Claire Benn’s account of their remarkable contributions to art history.

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