Claire Benn’s works have been shown in public museums and commercial galleries on an international scale, they are also collected by private companies for displaying in corporate environments and by individual customers to install in their homes.

Most pieces are free-hanging, some are framed, each work is unique and signed.  If you are interested in collecting any of the works, please send your request or enquiry here.





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Claire Benn's textiles in an office space.jpg
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Textiles - be they tapestries, embroidery, quilts or weavings - have been enjoyed for centuries, and their pleasures and benefits are well documented:  

  • Fine Art - they are considered contemporary art as much as painting or sculpture 
  • Collectible - art textiles are as valuable as any other work of art 
  • Sensual pleasure - they are tactile, people love to touch them 
  • Acoustic benefits - art textiles absorb sound and radically reduce noise, creating calm and comfortable spaces 
  • Quick installation - most are simply hung on a batten; some with a velcro attachment, some with a sleeve, and some are framed 
  • Easy to store and move - simply roll them up on a tube when moving or decorating 
  • Easy to clean - gently shake them, gently beat them, gently vacuum them on the lowest setting, and some can even be washed 
  • Long-lasting - historical textiles are still around to be enjoyed today 

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